No matter how bad things look at times, I just continue to tell God of each problem, and no matter how small the matter may seem, He still takes care of it. About three months ago my wife lost her wedding ring in the house. I wasn't too mad at her lol. But as I stood there in the bathroom looking for it, I simply asked God to help us find it. We didn't find it right away but about three months later on

My Soul" is a song that often describe our lives as believers in a fallen world. The fact that we are surrounded by good and evil all the time,
We make mistakes. And when we come face to face with our faults and failures, sometimes we can become down on ourselves and feel empty and thirsty.
Therefore, we cry out to the Lord to refill us in the dry desert. We cry out to the Lord because He hears us. 

Lately I've been really reflecting on how much of a giver God is. Gave us life, gave us His own life on the cross, gave us grace, and continues to provide being faithful to us stating that He's already given us all things! Gives us jobs, food, vitamins, nourishment, water, soap, clothes, houses, family, children, meets our needs and answers all of all prayers in a timely fashion. On top of all of this gave us His Word which is really the best of all His gifts because it's something tangible that we can look at, meditate on and enjoy all of the time.